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What is the Immunity Boost Noni Ras ?

Immunity Boost Noni Ras is made from the pure extracts of the fruits of a herbal plant, Noni (Morinda Citrifolia), with Aloevera Juice, Ahwgandha, Safed Musli, Kaunch Beej, Garcinia Cambogia, Giloy, Punarnava and many other rare herbs!!! without any chemical residues, toxins, pesticides, heavy metals or fertilisers. It is processed with high care to maintain its bio-activity and keep its active components intact.


What are the benefits of the Regular use of Noni ?

  1. Rejuvenates the Body
  2. Revitalises the Cells
  3. Restores Energy
  4. Relieves Pain
  5. Reduces Inflammation
  6. Releases Stress
  7. Regulates Cell function
  8. Stimulates Immune System
  9. Enhances well being
  10. Purifies Blood
  11. Improves Digestion
  12.  Maintains healthy Skin, Hair and Scalp
  13. An Effective Anti-Oxidant
  14. Protects you from Toxins and pollutants
  15. Reduces the risk of developing cancer
  16. Improves the memory and concentration
  17. Inhibits tumour growth
  18. Reduces chances of Premature on set of age-related diseases such as Arthritis, Heart disease, Diabetes or Strokes.
  19. Protects against Viral and bacterial strain that have become anti-biotic resistant.

    These are only a few examples of an extensive list of uses and benefits that regular consumers of Noni have experienced. There is no other tonic which works at the molecular level to build the cells like Noni.

    Why is the Noni Drink known as ‘Herbal Dietary Supplement’ ?
    It is herbal and hence totally, a gift of Nature. It contains several health enhancing attributes that are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, adaptagen, analgesic, anti-congestive, hypotensive, and has cancer-inhibiting compounds. It enhances cellular activity, the starting point of all nutritional metabolism.

    What does Noni contain ?
    Noni is rich Source of Vitamins A, C, E, B, B2, B6, B12, Calcium, Iron, Niacin, Folic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, Phos- phorus, Magnesuim, Zinc, Copper and other minerals like Chromium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Sodium, Potassium, Carbo-hydrates and 160 + isolated nutraceuticals.

    Noni is it Clean and Pure ?
    Noni is tested by world’s most reputable analytical laboratories. The test results show that the Noni is pure and more wholesome than most foods we eat everyday. Further they show that Noni is completely free from chemical and toxin residues of any kind. The reports guarantee the High Quality of the product, and they certify that Noni is immaculately clean and perfectly pure.

    What is the proper procedure for the intake of Immunity Boost Noni Ras ?
    Measure the amount of Noni that you want to take, and pour it into a glass. dilute with one glass of water or any other Fresh juices without sugar or salt drink small small  sip of Immunity Boost Noni Ras.
    It is essential that Immunity Boost Noni Ras has to be taken on an empty stomach almost at the same time everyday so that the Proxeronine in Noni enters the intestine without being digested in the stomach. This promotes further metabolical activities.
    Drink lots of clean water during the day.

    Give me more ideas to make the drinking of Noni more interesting. 

    1. Mix Noni in a glass of water with lime juice without sugar or salt and drink. This will taste great and you can impress your guests with the same.
    2. Mix Noni in a glass of Fresh Juice / Tender Coconut water and children will love to drink it.
    3. Mixes well with any fruit juice.
    4. After a long and tiring day, Noni in a glass of chilled water makes a very refreshing drink.
    5. If you meditate early in the morning, after meditation bless Noni and sip it.

    Product Details

    How to use?
    Take a glass of warm water and add four teaspoons ( 20 ML ) of Clear Heart Liquid to it. Drink this in the morning daily with an empty stomach. Ensure
    that you do not consume anything for the next half an hour.
    Recommended dosage:
    1. 20 mL every day in morning and 20 ml in evening every day mixed with warm water: for those with existing heart problems take 3 month regular.
    2. 20 mL mixed with warm water: for those who want to prevent the occurrence or chances of heart troubles in the future.
     Effect of using the Clear Heart Liquid
    After regular use of the product, the individual will feel the difference in his/ her lifestyle.
     No high blood pressure anymore
     Inner feeling of having a healthier heart
     Controlled cholesterol
     Observable reduction in joint pain and cramps, etc.

    Frequently Asked Questions.
    1. Will Clear Heart work for me?
    With natural ingredients long known as a health remedy for all kinds of
    heart and other associated troubles, Clear Heart is the ideal solution for all
    your health needs. It keeps your heart healthy and is useful for everyone
    above 40 years of age. If you have a family history of heart disease, or
    already having issues with your heart, it is highly suggested to use this as a
    daily drink in the morning on empty stomach. Even if you don’t have any
    heart risks at this point, you can use this without any doubts as it is made of
    natural ingredients without any side effects.

    2. How long will the bottle last for me?
    Based on the quantity you purchase, the longer use of the product is
    dependent on the regularity of the use. If you are using a 450 ML bottle,
    you can use it for about 22 days without any worry on regular basis with a daily dose of 2 tablespoons  (20 ML Daily ) with a one Cup Warm water. 

    3. How long to use for the best result?
    We have a huge list of happy customers, who have practically given the
    best feedback within 30-40 days of use. Since it is a supplement drink, it can
    be used for a long period to regularize the heart health. You would be
    cured of all existing ailments within 6 month of regular use. Later you can
    use it to maintain a hale and hearty lifestyle, without any future risks.

     4. How to buy Clear Heart Liquid?
    Clear-Heart Liquid and Capsules is available in leading Medical, Chemist
    store and Ayurvedic shops in Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh. Also there are many health related websites who have chosen to sell our product on through their outlets. Yet to rest assured of an original product, you can order online at
    our website, and we will delivery at your door step free
    home delivery in all over India.

     5. Is there any specific diet changes to be incorporated while using
    Clear Heart Liquid drink?
    As it is completely based on natural ingredients, it is suggested to take this
    as the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and wait for at least
    30 minutes before consuming anything else such as tea, juice or breakfast.
    Apart from this no other diet changes are required.

    6. I am a diabetic patient. Can I use this product?
    Being diabetic has nothing to worry with respect to using this product. As it
    is 100 % based on natural ingredients, it would just act as an additional
    supplement in your daily diet assuring a better heart health. You can take
    this product along with your diabetic medication without any concern.
    7. I am over-weight. Can I use this product?
    Yes, you can use it without any doubt. Since it is based on natural
    cholesterol inhibitors like Garlic, Ginger, honey and lemon, it naturally helps
    you lose weight along with assuring a hale and hearty lifestyle.

    8. What is the minimum dosage to be taken?
    We suggest you to take a minimum of 20 ML per day with a glass of water,
    as the first thing in the morning. If you are already having a few heart
    troubles with high blood pressure and a weak heart, we recommend about
    20 ML of the Clear Heart Liquid Drink each day.

    9. Who should not take Clear Heart Liquid Drink?
    Children and adolescents below the age of 18 years should not take this
    drink. Also, pregnant and breast feeding mothers are suggested to avoid
    this drink. If you are taking any other medication or undergoing a treatment,
    take advice from your doctor before starting to use this product.

    10. Any side effects associated with Clear Heart Liquid drink?
    As stated, the product is based on 100% natural ingredients from organic
    sources. It is formulated to aid existing heart patients and those who desire
    to prevent future heart problems. There are no significant side effects over
    a long term of use. However, it is recommended to use it as a regular drink
    every 2 or 3 days if you are among the people who do not have any heart

     11. What is cholesterol?

    A soft, waxy substance found among the lipids (fats) in the bloodstream
    and in all your body’s cells. It’s an important part of a healthy body because
    it’s used to form cell membranes, some hormones and is needed for other
    functions. But a high level of cholesterol in the blood –
    hypercholesterolemia – is a major risk factor for coronary heart disease,
    which leads to heart attack.

     12. What is LDL and HDL cholesterol?
    Cholesterol and other fats can’t dissolve in the blood. They have to be
    transported to and from the cells by special carriers called lipoproteins.
    There are several kinds, but the ones to focus on are low-density
    lipoprotein (LDL) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL). Low-density
    lipoprotein is the major cholesterol carrier in the blood. And about one-third
    to one-fourth of blood cholesterol is carried by HDL.

    13. Dangers of  high LDL cholesterol ?
    If too much LDL cholesterol circulates in the blood, it can slowly build
    up in the walls of the arteries feeding the heart and brain. Together with
    other substances it can form plaque, a thick, hard deposit that can clog
    those arteries. This condition is known as arthrosclerosis. The plaque if it
    breaks away in piece and circulate in blood, or a clot (thrombus) that forms
    near an existing plaque can block the blood flow to part of the heart muscle
    and cause a heart attack. If it blocks the blood flow to part of the brain, a
    stroke results.

    14. Importance of having high HDL cholesterol
    Medical experts think HDL tends to carry cholesterol away from the arteries
    and back to the liver, where it’s passed from the body. Some experts
    believe HDL removes excess cholesterol from plaques and thus slows their
    growth. HDL cholesterol is known as “good” cholesterol because a high
    HDL level seems to protect against heart attack. A low HDL cholesterol
    level also may raise stroke risk.

    15. What is Lp(a) cholesterol?
    Lp(a) is a genetic variation of plasma LDL. A high level of Lp(a) is an
    important risk factor for developing atherosclerosis prematurely. How an
    increased Lp(a) contributes to heart disease isn’t clear. The lesions in
    artery walls contain substances that may interact with Lp(a), leading to the
    buildup of fatty deposits

    Why Clear-Heart Liquid is effective

    Clear-Heart Liquid and capsules effective because his quality
    of ingredients.  

    The naturally selected ingredients and there Benefits
    1. Garlic: An age proven miracle ingredient in most of the Ayurvedic
    medicines, Garlic is a perfect cure, widely aimed at heart-related
    problems. It is known for its therapeutic and curative benefits. Many
    people have used and suggested the intake of garlic in the daily diet, as it
    naturally keeps the blood pressure levels steady. Apart from these, garlic
    is known to be specifically working against many blood and heart-related
    troubles. Ajoene and Allicin are special enzymes in garlic that are known
    to have an anti-clotting and blood thinning property. Garlic is naturally
    efficient against cholesterol and helps in enhanced cardiovascular activity.

    2.   Ginger: referred to as the cardio tonic agent by scientists, it possesses
    the ability to increase the production of energy in the heart and enhances
    the pumping mechanism of the heart. It is essential for the effective output
    of the heart. It is known to strengthen the heart and prevent all kinds of
    cardiovascular diseases, cancer, arthritis, and blood clots. On a long run,
    with regular intake of ginger, one can experience a better heart health and
    blood purification. Just like garlic, Ginger too possess antibacterial,
    antifungal, antiseptic properties, and is widely used as an Analgesic. As an
    anti-inflammatory, it also promotes sweating, reduces hypertension, surges
    blood flow, and soothes peripheral blood vessels.

    3.  Lemon: the best cure for all kinds of problems right from dermatology to
    liver-related diseases, lemon is known to regulate the functioning of the
    heart and maintains a regular heartbeat. The main credit of such uses is
    attributed to the presence of magnesium in lemon. Arrhythmia, is a health
    condition that describes the irregular beating of the heart. Magnesium is
    essential to maintain the regularity of the heartbeat. Lemon is the
    powerhouse of most essential minerals for the proper functioning of the
    body. With a high content of potassium, as high as 146 mg in each lemon,
    it is important for creating muscles. Heart is a muscle that needs utmost
    care for its proper working seamlessly throughout a lifetime. Potassium is
    essential for the proper functioning of all cells. Maintaining a healthy blood vessel, potassium conducts electricity throughout the body, thereby
    keeping the entire nervous system efficient.

    4.  Apple cider vinegar: widely used to detoxify the body, it helps in the
    cleansing mechanism of the liver, blood, heart, skin, and evens the bladder
    and kidneys. It also boosts the immunity and keeps the blood sugar and
    cholesterol under check. It possesses various minerals, vitamins, and
    enzymes essential for the proper working of the body.

    5.  Honey: scientifically Honey helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases
    and cholesterol levels. Honey has lower triglycerides which aid in the
    increase of blood flow to the heart. It is known to energize the body and
    come as a whole package of vitamins, potassium, calcium.


    While heart attacks are commonly experienced by men and women, the
    symptoms experienced by them are different. Symptoms of a heart
    attack in women are much more subtle as compared to signs of a heart
    attack when experienced by men.
    Many women even compare the symptoms of a heart attack to
    the flu or acid reflux. Hence it is important to be able to recognize the
    symptoms of a heart attack and be able to distinguish them from symptoms
    of other less fatal conditions.
    Some of the characteristic symptoms of a heart attack that a woman should
    look out for are:
    Discomfort or chest pain
    Chest pain is one symptoms of a heart attack. Men may feel pain in the left
    side of their chest; women can feel pain in any part of their chest. This
    process is called atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and can result
    in angina (chest pain), heart attack, or stroke. High levels of
    LDL cholesterol cause more plaque buildup and increase the risk of a heart
    High cholesterol has various effects on your body, one of which is fatigue.
    When plaque builds in the walls of your arteries, it leads to conditions such
    as coronary heart disease, and coronary micro vascular disease, although
    high cholesterol itself does not directly cause fatigue, the conditions
    resulting from it can.
    Pain in the jaw, neck, arms and back                                                      
    Jaw pain might seem insignificant and turn out to be easily treatable and
    temporary, but for some, it may red-flag a more serious issue, from gum
    disease to heart attack. Men consider pain in the chest and left arm to be a
    symptom of a heart attack but women can experience this pain in their jaw
    and back as well. This pain can develop gradually or come on suddenly
    Cramping Tiredness: 

    Feeling tired even when you haven’t exerted any energy can be a sign of a
    heart attack. Sometimes, this fatigue can be so much that it can from even
    moving from the chair to the bed.



    Have High Blood Pressure      
    High blood pressure / hypertension and high cholesterol also are linked.
    When the arteries become hardened and narrowed with cholesterol plaque
    and calcium, the heart has to strain much harder to pump blood through
    them. As a result, blood pressure becomes abnormally high.

    Numbness or Coldness
    If you have high cholesterol levels, you have an increased risk of
    developing a variety of cardiovascular problems. If your high cholesterol
    levels affect the arteries in your limbs, it can cause tingling and numbness
    in your extremities

    Shortness of Breath
    Shortness of breath is an uncomfortable condition that makes it
    difficult to fully get air into your lungs. Problems with your heart or
    blood vessels and lungs can harm your breathing. Feeling
    lightheaded or having trouble breathing even when you are not
    exerting yourself could be a sign of a heart attack. At times this could
    also make you feel like throwing up. This symptom is usually also
    accompanied by one of the other more characteristic symptoms of a
    heart attack.

    Diet and physical activity do affect overall blood cholesterol levels, but
    other factors inform your levels as well. Being overweight or obese tends
    to increase bad cholesterol (LDL) and lower good cholesterol (HDL).
    Getting older also causes LDL cholesterol to rise.
    High Cholesterol Can Block Coronary Artery
    Cholesterol-containing deposits (plaque) in your arteries
    and inflammation are usually to blame for coronary artery disease.
    Eventually, the decreased blood flow may cause chest pain (angina),
    shortness of breath, or other coronary artery
    disease signs and symptoms. A complete blockage can cause
    a heart attack

    24 Months from date of manufacturing. Store in a cool, dry and dark place away from moisture and direct sunlight. Seal lock pouch after every use. Best consumed within 45 days of opening

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