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Today we are growing with many diseases, like obesity, high-tension, diabetes and many more.

Diabetes is diseases that result in too much sugar in the blood (high blood glucose).Millions of people all across the world suffer from diabetes. Diabetes as such may not be dangerous but if it is not treated at the right time it may lead to untold irreversible major health problems like paralysis, kidney failure, blindness etc.


What is D.B. NEEM RAS ?

D.B. NEEM RAS is an authentic Herbal Supplement preparation manufactured. It is an ideal composition of ayurvedic herbs and roots like Indian blackberry/ jamun/ syzglumcumini, bittergoard/ momordicacharantia, indian goose berry/ embicaoffcinalis, gymnema / gurmar, sugar eater/ termininalia, chebula , terminaliaberlrica, aswhandha, alovera,  and many other herbs which are known from ancient times to posses property that helps reactivate insulin secretion, arrest, control or maintain sugar level in blood under check.


How does it help?

D.B. NEEM RAS has that proven efficacy of helping you fight diabetes on various fronts. It helps you secret insulin which ultimately assists you in arresting, controlling or marinating sugar level in blood thus helping you prevent all major disabilities or complications that may arise otherwise. D.B. NEEM RAS is further enhanced in giving you faster and better results should you follow it up with your regular regime of normal exercises, walkouts or workouts. 

24 Months from date of manufacturing. Store in a cool, dry and dark place away from moisture and direct sunlight. Seal lock pouch after every use. Best consumed within 45 days of opening